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Why Is SEO Important

Why is SEO important?

why is seo importantThere are a number of elements that goes into the creation and management of a successful website. Well written content, attractive layout, descriptive graphics and helpful links are where most of a designer’s efforts are focused. But many website owners will ask “Why is SEO important?”

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the function within a website that makes it easy for both visitors and search engines to find pages within your website. SEO is more than just an action performed by a search engine, it is the disciple used in the:

  • Creation of content,
  • Structure of a website,
  • Well written content within a page or blog,
  • Importance of the info graphics, and
  • Creation of video and the platforms used for playback.

Campground Website Results

Campground Website Results

We have been avid campers for a number of years. We love the adventure offered with our RV and during our travels often move weekly from location to location. Campgrounds and RV Resorts are our preferred places to stay allowing us to park our 40 foot fifth-wheel and enjoy the amenities offered. We have operated a successful Internet Marketing business since 2006 and with our background in RV travel, we have created effective web designs that generate campground website results.
Campground Website Results

Your Church Website and Your Church Communications

Your Church Website and Your Church Communications

Resolve Video - Your Church Website and Your Church CommunicationsWe had the recent privilege to teach a class on Your Church Website and Your Church Communications at the Georgia Assemblies of God – Church Ministries Conference in Griffin, GA. This was a two day event where attendees from churches throughout Georgia attended to learn about church growth, leadership, church ministries development and our general topic, church media.

Choosing a professional web designer

Choosing A Professional Web Designer

professional web designer - Resolve VideoThere are many decisions to be made when a business considers a new website or upgrading a dated site. The recurring questions that we often find when meeting with a new client are: “Why do I need a professional web designer?“, followed by: “How much will this new site cost?“. As small business owners ourselves, we understand the need to budget and keep on going expenses to a minimum. Yet, from our small business clients, we find a website to be the single most important marketing asset above all other forms of advertising. We also find the on going costs to develop and maintain a professional website to be substantially less than other forms of marketing.

Why does my company need a website?

Why Does My Company Need A Website?

company website needsYou may have heard someone say: “Why does my company need a website, my business is successful.” or, “We created a business website a number of years ago. We haven’t made any changes or additions since.” or better yet, “We don’t have any company website needs, the web just doesn’t work for us.”

While these statements may be true for some, the opposite is true where successful companies took the time and made the investment in a well designed business website that is regularly updated and engages the visitor.

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